Martin Blinder, M.D.

Forensic Psychiatry

Expert Witness Testimony

Martin Blinder, MD

Having practiced Forensic Psychiatry and served as Expert Witness for Plaintiffs, Defense and as a court-appointed independent counsel since 1962, Dr. Blinder is noteworthy for the breadth and scope of his experience and ability to report in simple laguage his findings, diagnoses and professional opinion.

Serving as an expert witness to both Plaintiff and Defendant and as a court-appointed psychiatric examiner, Dr. Blinder has a long history of serving the court with his professional and insightful expert testimony and forensic psychiatric experience and opinions.

Dr. Blinder is the author of the textbook, Psychiatry in the Everyday Practice of Law (Thomson/West) currently in its’ 4th edition and in use in numerous University Law Depts. and Law Schools throughout the US.

Subjects of Expertise

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