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PO Box 654, Kaʹaʹwa, Hawaii 96730
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C U R R I C U L U M   V I T A E

Post-graduate, Oxford, U.K. 2013
Fellow in Community Psychiatry, Langley Porter Neuropsychiatric Institute 1967
Psychiatric Residency, Langley Porter Neuropsychiatric Institute,
University of California Medical Center, San Francisco 1963–66
Visiting Fellow in Psychological Medicine, St. Thomas’ Hospital, London 1965
Visiting Fellow in Community Psychiatry, University of Copenhagen 1965
Rotating Internship, San Francisco General Hospital 1962–63
M.D. Chicago Medical School 1962
B.A., Cornell University 1958
High School of Music and Art 1954

American Bar Association State of Georgia 1995
American Medical Association State of Hawaii 1968
American Psychiatric Association State of California 1962

Board of Directors, Travelers’ Aid Society, San Francisco
International Society for Comprehensive Medicine
San Francisco Mental Health Association Board of Directors
Society for the Advancement of Psychiatry
Advisory Board, American College of Forensic Psychiatry
San Francisco Academy of Hypnosis
Board of Directors, Bay Area Air Pollution Control District, San Francisco, CA
American College of Legal Medicine
American Academy of Forensic Sciences

Medical Director, St. Luke’s Partial Psychiatric Hospitalization Program, Daly City, CA 1995
Faculty, Medi-legal Institute 1980-94
Distinguished Fellow, American Psychiatric Association elected 1971
Assistant Prof. of Law (Adjunct), U. of Cal., Hastings College of the Law 1970–88
Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, U. of California Medical Center
and Langley Porter Institute 1968–88
Faculty, California Graduate School Marital & Family Therapy, San Rafael, CA 1980–85
Supervising Psychiatrist, Inpatient Service, U. California Hospital, San Francisco 1967–68
Staff Psychiatrist, Center for Substance Abuse & Sexual Deviation, San Francisco 1966–68
Treatment Director, Family Therapy Institute of Marin, San Rafael, CA 1967–79
Chief of Psychiatry, Laguna Honda Hospital, San Francisco 1968–80
Faculty, Hastings Center for Trial & Appellate Advocacy, San Francisco 1971–74 / 1986–88
Past Attending Hospital Staff Appointments:
University of California Hospital, San Francisco, CA
Children’s Hospital, San Francisco, CA
Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco, CA
French Hospital, San Francisco, CA
Marin General Hospital, Greenbrae, CA
Ross General Hospital, Ross, CA
Mendocino State Hospital, Ukiah, CA

Psychiatric Consultant to:
Forensic Services, Waikato, Government of New Zealand 1995–96
U.S. Postal Service 1988–90
United States Public Health Service Hospital 1966–74
Selective Service (Medical Advisory) 1969–73
Veterans Administration Hospital, San Francisco 1968–70
Laguna Honda Hospital, San Francisco, CA 1965–68
Federal Aviation Administration 1967–68
California Department of Social Services, Disability Evaluations Division 1987–88
Juvenile Court, Mendocino County, CA 1966–67
Public Defender, Mendocino County 1966–67 District Attorney, Mendocino County, CA 1966–67
Ukiah Probation Department 1966–67
San Francisco Public Schools Unwed Mother’s Program 1966–67
San Francisco Public Schools 1966–67

Development of lithium carbonate (auspices of FDA) 1966–69
The hysterical personality 1965–66
Detoxification of alcoholics 1964

Editorial Assignments / Columnist:
Editor-in-Chief: Family Therapy 1972–2002
Columnist: “Family Crisis,” First Magazine 1990–91
Reviewer for American Journal of Psychiatry 1980–88
Associate Editor: American Journal of Forensic Psychiatry 1982–85

Civic Positions:
Mayor, Town of San Anselmo 1975–76
Bay Area Air Pollution Control District 1975–77
Town Councilman, San Anselmo Town Council elected 1972

National Media Appearances (partial list):
Frontline (PBS) Little Criminals May, 1997
CNN Network News NBC Network News
CBS Network News ABC Network News
Oprah Winfrey
Hour Magazine (Gary Collins) – Group W
Nightline (Ted Koppel) – ABC
Larry King
This Morning (Kathleen Sullivan) – CBS
Evening Magazine – Group W
Sonya Live – CNN
Sally Jesse Raphael

Conference Presentations / Lectures (partial list):
CEB: Child Custody; Mental and Emotional Damages 1982–86
California Graduate School of Marital & Family Therapy, San Rafael, CA, 1977–78
Napa State Hospital, Imola, CA 1967–72
Mendocino State Hospital, Ukiah, CA 1967–72
San Francisco Police Academy 1967–71
Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco, CA 1967–70
Ukiah Police Department, Ukiah, CA 1966–67
[Now too numerous to make additional specific listing practicable, lectures and presentations also include grand rounds at the University of California and University of Hawaii, presentations to the American Psychiatric Assn., California Medical Assn., American Bar Assn.(various sections), American Trial Lawyers Assn., Continuing Education of the Bar, American College of Forensic Psychiatry, California District Attorneys Assn., California Public Defenders Assn., and Commonwealth Club, as well as for a multitude of other hospitals, and State and local psychiatric and attorneys’ groups.]

Appellate Court Opinions Citing My Testimony (partial list):
State v. Fleming, 140 Haw. 415, 400 P.3d 616 (Ct. App. 2017), as amended (Sept. 6, 2017)
Kamakeeaina v. City & County of Honolulu, CIV 11-00770 JMS, 2014 WL 1691611, at *9 (D.
Haw. April 29, 2014), aff’d sub nom, Kamakeeaina v. Maalo, 680 F. App’x 631 (9th Cir. 2017)

State v. Fauatea, 133 Haw. 510, 331 P.3d 488 (Ct. App. 2014)

State v. Higa, 126 Haw. 247, 251, 269 P.3d 782, 786 (Ct. App. 2012)

Abdulghani v. Virgin Islands Seaplane Shuttle, Inc., 746 F. Supp. 583, 590 (D.V.I 1990)


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Psychiatry In the Everyday Practice of Law, Lawyers Cooperative Publishing Co., Rochester, NY & Bancroft Whitney Corp., San Francisco, 1972; 2nd ed. 1982; Clark Boardman Callaghan,
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Lovers, Killers, Husbands and Wives, St. Martin’s Press, 1985, New York


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“Winning at Law, Psychology and the Courtroom,” Medilegal Seminars, 1985.
“Litigation of Psychological Injuries, Clinical Aspects,” Medilegal Seminars, 1983
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“Profile for Murder,” docudrama/teleplay, American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law, 
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